The greatest compliment you could offer is a review. As you may know, we, the practicing physicians, nowadays get most of our referrals from the internet. I am asking my clients to write comments on how they think I do as a doctor, so the potential customers can see if they think I would be right doctor for them.
I would like to ask if you may feel comfortable saying a few worlds about your experience of working with me.

We value every patient and want to create a level of trust with you.

I’m the second child (or grown man…) in my family that has greatly benefitted from Dr. Danielyan’s psychiatric care and supervision. Like the other reviewers have mentioned, he’s able to passionately sympathize and assist with one’s needs, while adequately configuring a straightforward method of individualized treatment for them. When talking medication, he does not rush you to make a decision with it, nor does he get impatient if you have questions; he carefully lays out the options and gingerly explains each perk for every pill. Same goes for plans for psychotherapy and other related treatments.

When talking to him, one thing you’ll probably notice is that he’s very knowledgable in regards to his practice. He’s very analytical (which is wonderful for me, being that I studied philosophy for 2 years), meaning that he appropriately incorporates logic and scientific thinking into his course of action. I mean, that’s kind of a given for a psychiatrist; but I was particularly impressed by how capable he was at consistently doing that. On top of his critical thinking skills, again, he definitely knows how to deliver information that’s concise and understandable. While making his points, he’s still very respectful, and acknowledges your concerns.

Johnny M., Danville, CA

Dr. Danielyan is a great listener. He explains situations and behaviors with a lot of clarity, and he is never judgmental. He outlines medications very well and follows up to see how the medication is working. I’ve had bad experiences with psychiatrists who didn’t listen  before and basically didn’t seem to care. Depression is still hard for me to talk about with people in general as a result. But this has not been the case with Dr. Danielyan. He never rushes me and always makes me feel like he treats me as an individual. I trust his advice and diagnoses. He is also relatively flexible with scheduling, as I was able to see him after work – unlike some doctors I had been to before.  Recently I briefly returned to the Bay Area after living abroad for a few months, and he was able to make room for me in his schedule with just two days notice. Dr. Danielyan cares and goes out of his way to make things better for his patients. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

A R. Pleasanton, CA

I found Dr Danielyan after a serious medication reaction required emergency treatment.  He was the first to squeeze me in for an appointment. ‘Nan’ looks after appointments and is really helpful and kind. Dr D listens, gives options (with pros and cons) and involves me in the decision effecting my health. He’s always been accessible by email or phone for questions and appointments feel like sitting down with a really smart guy without the ego – helping me get more out of life. Dr D has always been calm, attentive and I never feel rushed.  He’s very knowledgeable and makes complex medication issues easy to understand.  It’s been great to find a balance of meds that work and have less invasive side effects. Bonus – there’s rarely any waiting beyond my appointment time, the office is comfortable and easy access in Walnut Creek.”

Nick D. San Francisco, CA

We have a 15 yr. old son who’s unfortunately had suicidal attempt and diagnosed  of depressive/anxiety disorder. Me and my husband met Dr. Danielyan at JohnMuir Hosp. and the emotional support, time and reassurance that he had given us and especially to my son.. Really helped us a lot. My son and us gained his trust because he is not only experienced but very knowledgeable of what he do. He is very caring, concern, very involve and keep us uptodate of my sons progress and treatment plan. You can reach him anytime you call him.. In emergency situation …As in even at night or Weather he is on vacation and he the respond time is unbelievable. I am a registered nurse also.. And believe me.. On my 13 yr. experience of my nursing career… He is the only doctor I know that willing to give his personal phone no. And unbelievably calls back right away. The other patient is right.. We never felt judged.. Instead.. We received all the support that we needed. In short.. He is highly recommended.. Will never regret if you choose him for your care.. BTW.. My son is doing great and made a great improvement on his care.”

Eva Y. Livermore, CA

Dr. Danielyan is a 5 star doctor!  He has been able to establish easy rapport with my teenager, which has made all the difference in treatment.  Not only is he a good listener, he is wonderful at explaining things on a level that is easy to understand.  He takes his time making sure we are following his explanations, and never makes us feel rushed.  Our appointments consistently begin on-time, and we are able to see Dr. Danielyan when we need to.  One aspect of Dr. Danielyan’s practice that I find particularly helpful is the ability to contact him by email.  Dr. Danielyan is very responsive to emails, and is overall very reachable.  Most importantly, my teenager is comfortable speaking with him, and that is a critical element to successful treatment”.

Parent P. Danville, CA

Dr. Danielyan, helped us out tremendously with dealing with our child that has ADHD.  We had a tough period with the school due to my son not being in control and we didnt have a clue to resolving the issue.  he discussed our options and to this day, we can’t thank him enough for helping us find a solution.  Our son is now in first grade and he is doing amazing in school, top in his class.  He can know focus on school and he enjoys it.   I can highly recommend him for families that are dealing with their children that might have ADHD.  It is tough thing to deal with alone.”

Rhod U. Brentwood, CA.

Dr Daniellyan was strongly recommended to us for our son’s anxiety issues by a therapist we hold in high regard.  Our son has been seeing Dr. Danielyan for a few months now, and we have been very happy.
In our initial visit, which lasted 90 minutes, Dr. Danielyan thoroughly explored the issues.  He talked with all of us together, he talked with our son one-on-one, and he talked with us.  He asked many questions, and listened to the answers attentively, patiently teasing out the issues.  The upshot was that at the end of the session we felt reassured that he had taken the time and the care to ensure that he had a solid understanding of what was going on.  He also took time to patiently explain his diagnosis and the options for treatment.  Consequently, it was with comfort and confidence that we embarked on a treatment program, and that program has had a very beneficial effect..  Even so, he is very thorough and patient in follow-up visits.
We feel great comfort that our son is in good hands, and we would recommend Dr. Danielyan without hesitation to our family and friends.”

Kathy D. Lafayette, CA

Based on personal experience, I cannot recommend Dr. Danielyan highly enough. I have never come across a more trustworthy, knowledgeable and understanding psychiatrist. Starting medication was a major decision for me that has impacted my life in so many positive ways. Naturally, I had a lot of questions and concerns about starting treatment for the first time. Dr. Danielyan was very patient in making sure I understood how the medication worked and the changes I could expect once starting treatment. I had an extremely positive experience working with Dr. Danielyan and am very grateful to have found him.”

A.C. Berkeley, CA

I was referred to Dr. Danielyan by child’s therapist.  He did an excellent job in diagnosing the proper medication needed to resolve our problem.  He is a great listener and really cares about his patients.  I would highly recommend Dr. Danielyan.”

Joe T. (Alamo, CA)

We can’t say enough about Dr. Danielyan. He has been there for our daughter and supportive of our family, in this difficult time. He is kind, caring, trusting and attentive. Any changes he might make in medication he’s always clear to make sure we understand everything about it the science, side effects, etc. Thank you so much Dr. Danielyan.”


Wasn’t a believer in much of wetern science medicines. But suprisingly as weeks passed after I took on this psychiatric interseption and therapy, I genuinely believe I feel much better than before. Difficult to explain, gotta try it to know it!”

Leo W

I was originally seeking an M.D. who could manage Adult ADD and depression and was referred to Dr. Danielyan. My initial visit was very comfortable and I found him to be very interested in all aspects of my condition. His approach is collaborative and I felt as though I was very involved in the decisions we came too. I never felt judged or confronted about anything we discussed, I felt validated and heard. During the course of my treatment some problems came up and I needed to reach Dr Danielyan. In each and every incident he responded in a timely fashion and cleared things up. Now to my favorite reason for writing this review. Due to the nature of the medications I am prescribed, I am continuously battling the judgement, the predjudice and the ignorance of pharmacists and their personnel just to have my routine  medicine filled monthly. It’s as though I am the medicine I take. I have been brought to tears on several occasions. My Dr,  Dr Danielyan has been there for me and supported my efforts in each and every incident. He is truly a patient advocate and I feel very lucky to be in his care.”

Pamela F. El Sobrante, CA

Just wanted to share the fantastic experience I had working with Dr. Danielyan over the last view months. I was referred to him by a family friend who has been a long-time patient of Dr. Danielyan’s and spoke very highly of his professional expertise and work ethics. I am so glad I followed the advice and made an appointment. From the very beginning Dr. Danielyan’s office was very helpful and accommodating in setting up the initial consultation and helping me with the necessary paperwork and questionnaires. The visit itself was the most helpful and productive counseling session I have ever had – Dr. Danielyan was very attentive and meticulous in answering my questions and suggesting possible approaches. I always look forward to my visits and would most certainly recommend Dr. Danielyan to friends and family.”

Albert A.

Dr. Danielyan is very professional and easy to work with. He found a great solution for me and is always there if I need him.”

Julie P. Berkeley, CA.

Great experience in working with Dr. Arman Danielyan in rooting my depression problems through actively participating in my situation.”

Vitals Guest

I highly recommend Dr. Danielyan. My daughter was finally accurately diagnosed for the first time in her life and is now receiving the correct medication. She has been in and out of hospitals for years and is finally getting well. I can’t recommend him enough. He cares, listens, and knows the science of what is needed for the individual. We are grateful to have found him.”

Lisa J.

He accurately diagnosed and prescribed the correct medicine. He took a careful history and really listened to everything that was said. For the first time in years, I am really getting well and starting back to school. He is a stand-out among psychiatrists and really knows the latest science. If you are looking for help with serious issues, you should make an appt with him, it will be well worth it.”

Ucomparehealthcare guest.
August 24, 2012

… and Dr. Danielyan was a God-send. He dealt with our withdrawn daughter in ways that swayed her to take medications she opposed strongly and, on her improving, to talk openly with him in counseling sessions…”