What is telepsychiatry services

Telepsychiatry is currently one of the fastest developing and the most effective ways to provide psychiatric care for individuals living in underserved areas by using tele- or video conferencing.

For more information about telepsychiatry use, please refer to the following Facts For Families page by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Telepsychiatry can not replace face to face interviews.

Even if you decide to use telepsychiatry services, we would still recommend to attempt to schedule a face to face interview with Dr. Danielyan. Only residents of California may use telepsychiatry service with Dr. Danielyan.

Set up a telepsychiatry session

Dr. Danielyan uses teleconferencing service called VSee. VSee includes 720P high-definition video. Please visit Vsee website to register. You should call our office 925-385-8574 to schedule a telepsychiatry session. We will instruct you on the next step at that time.

Please also download, sign and send back to us the Telepsychiatry Consent Form.